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Extended Photography Tours

Go Photo are proud to offer longer excursions and extended on-location workshops in some of the world's best photography locations. Each of these trips will give you the opportunity to photograph some of the most iconic places at the same time as you receive intensive support and tuition. We'll take the logistics hassle out of your photo safari so all you have to worry about is keeping your lenses clean. Our trips aren't rigid either. We understand that some of the places we go offer many great locations and if you have a particular place you have always wanted to shoot - talk to us. Maybe we can fit it in to the itinerary, depending on the trip. We are actively planning workshops on just about every continent of our amazing planet! If you have a specific destination that you'd like to suggest, we'd love to hear from you!

At Go Photo we want you to have more than just a photo-trip. We want you to build experiences that you will remember for many many years to come. We actively seek to include some features that you wont get from any other workshop provider. Always wanted to shoot the grand-canyon from a helicopter? We'll make that part of our trip so you can get the shots and the experience that you want. We understand that you want to maximise your time while you're away and we will do all we can to help you come home with the best images you've ever made.

Take a look at the following extended tours, which we'll be offering in the near future - click on the links to read more and register your interest

You are also welcome to register your interest in a course or destination via an email to

Keep and eye out for our other up-coming destinations!

Karijini National Park - Western Australia - The rugged beauty of the Gorges, the beautiful waterfalls and sparkling rock pools make the Karijini National Park a photographic gold mine. Our 6 day intensive, all-inclusive photographic experience will take you deep into this magnificent landscape, allowing you to capture this fragile environment at its best. Our experienced guides and instructors will take you to unique locations and provide you with the photographic training and support that you need to capture your finest images in this magnificent landscape.

Tranquil Fern Pool at Karijini


South-West USA - Zion National Park, Supai - Intensive 8 day all-inclusive photographic experience. Following in the footsteps of some of the greatest landscape photographers of our time like Ansel Adams and William Henry Jackson, this Go Photo intensive photographic experience will take you to some of the most magnificent and iconic landscape destinations in the South-West United States. Our enthusiastic guides and instructors will take you to some of the most breathtaking places, and be on hand to help you capture your finest images. Be prepared to go to places not too many other photographers get to.

Utah photography tour views