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Featured Photographer - Aaron Bishop

Featured Photographer - Aaron Bishop

Aaron Bishop Go Photo Featured Photographer

Go Photo Featured Photographer: Aaron Bishop

Aaron Bishop

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Aaron Bishop is a self-taught Brisbane landscape photographer who has been capturing landscape and creative images since early 2011. Aaron's love of photography expanded rapidly after purchasing a DSLR camera originally to take "happy snaps" of his family.

Aaron’s photographic pursuits are spurred on by his love for travel, the beauty and fragility of the outdoor environment and also a desire to capture the beauty of his surroundings as he sees it. He has won several amateur photography awards including placing in the top 50 images of the International Loupe Awards.

Go Photo had a chat with Aaron to understand this approach to photography, who and what inspires him and his thoughts for the future.

Go Photo: Hi Aaron, thanks for your time mate. So tell us, Why do you make the pictures you make?

Aaron Bishop: Well, I have wanted to own a DSLR for quite a while, so about 3 years ago I purchased one in the hope to take some “happy snaps” of family and places we visited on holidays.  I have always been creative in one way or another since I was very young, a trait from my mother’s side. Being a country boy and having a love for the great outdoors and loving to travel, I thought that photography would be a great medium to combine all of these loves into one. I like to share my experiences with others and hopefully engage and inspire the viewer to either one pick up a camera or to just visit some of the beautiful places that I have experienced. I also enjoy the solitude and being the only one on location at times. Me, my camera and the scene before me.

Go Photo: What do you think that your pictures say about the kind of person you are?

Aaron Bishop: I’d like to think that my images portray my personality as being creative and adventurous in my own little way. I’d also like to think that others see that I am passionate about the environment and how beautiful and  fragile it can be and how we need make the effort to preserve it.

Go Photo: Can you explain to us your best photographic moment and why?

Aaron Bishop: I have had many rewarding moments with my photography. From ranking in the top 50 in the International Loupe awards in the landscape section and placing and winning in other various competitions. Aside from these, on a personal note my proudest moment was when I visited Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. I had been there twelve months earlier with my very first DSLR and had taken some pretty average shots on auto mode. After reviewing my pictures, I said to myself that I would come back again when I was more experienced. I did return and managed to get a great shot from the place. I am still proud of image to this very day.

Aaron Bishop Photography Cradle Mountain

Go Photo: So does the equipment make the picture or does the photographer?

Aaron Bishop: . In short “The Photographer”. I like to think I make pictures not take them. The gear you have is merely a tool to help you get the results you might imagine or have a vision for. That’s not to say that a good camera or lens doesn't help you to get to your final goal with sharper or better results.

Go Photo: How do you think photography is going to change over the next few years?

Aaron Bishop: . In the future I think we may see bigger megapixel cameras, faster lenses and more automated software programs. We may well see a 3D camera that you can print direct from to produce 3D images. We might also see in the future from manufacturers upgrade-able or interchangeable sensors for your camera. With the advancement in technology, who knows? Artistically speaking, photography changes all the time. Fads, trends and styles come and go. Sometimes I find it a little funny with some of these current trends that we spend thousands of dollars for fantastic cameras and sharp lenses only to turn around and soften parts, or the entire image up to suit the style that may be flavor of the day. That’s art for you though…I for one am guilty of this.

Go Photo: Who are some of your photographic heroes, and why?

Aaron Bishop: Without a doubt there are a lot of people I get inspiration from and most of them I am happy to say are based here in Australia. Some that come to mind are Dylan Toh from Everlook Photography, Kah Kit Yoong, Kane Gledhill, Luke Tscharke, Timothy Poulton, Luke Austin, Adam Williams, Julie Fletcher, and Stef Dunn. Other than being great photographers I like them because I feel each has their own unique style and they seem to come up with some great compositions and find fantastic locations to photograph.

Aaron Bishop Photography

Go Photo: When processing and editing your images how much Photoshop is too much? Where do you draw your personal line?

Aaron Bishop: In my opinion, Photoshop for the photographer is a tool of the trade. It’s somewhere that you can be creative and obviously tweak or fix any issues you may have with an image. My thoughts are why not capture a “good” photo and make it “better”. There are some things personally that I am not a fan of in landscape photography though and that is the practice of dropping in a new sky or making a rainbow. As with all types of art it’s subjective and people have different opinions on the matter.

Go Photo: What's your favourite piece of photographic equipment?

Aaron Bishop: My favourite piece of equipment would be my Lee Big Stopper and my filters. They allow me to be a little more creative with my photography.

Aaron Bishop Photography

Go Photo: Can you name for us a location or thing that you would most love to shoot and haven’t?

Aaron Bishop: The auroras and waterfalls of Iceland would be on the top of my list followed by Banff National Park in Canada and the waterfalls of Hava Supai in Arizona - Absolutely magnificent locations!

Go Photo: If you could go on a Go Photo Workshop – which one would you choose?

Aaron Bishop: Out of all the great tours and workshops on the Go Photo website, I’d have to say I’d pick Karijini National Park in Western Australia. I’ve seen some fantastic images by Stef from this place. The colours of the landscape, rock formations and rock pools look amazing. Apart from that I think it would be a great adventure and I know just from meeting Stef and Ryan a few times they would be great company and very helpful.

Go Photo: Thanks for your time Aaron and best of luck for your photographic future!

More of Aaron's amazing photographs can be seen on Facebook, Flickr, and 500px:

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Aaron Bishop Photography