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Featured Photographer - Aaron Bishop

Aaron Bishop Go Photo Featured Photographer

Aaron Bishop is a self-taught Brisbane landscape photographer who has been capturing landscape and creative images since early 2011. Aaron's love of photography expanded rapidly after purchasing a DSLR camera originally to take "happy snaps" of his family.

Aaron’s photographic pursuits are spurred on by his love for travel, the beauty and fragility of the outdoor environment and also a desire to capture the beauty of his surroundings as he sees it. He has won several amateur photography awards including placing in the top 50 images of the International Loupe Awards.

Go Photo had a chat with Aaron to understand this approach to photography, who and what inspires him and his thoughts for the future.

Indispensible Apps for Photography

Apps for Photography

Smartphones are aweome accessories for photography. They allow us to carry a really great range of useful tools and references in our pockets. There is an absolute motza of apps and sites available covering almost every conceivable aspect of photography. Here's a few we bring with us on every Go Photo workshop or tour.

Go Photo Goes LIVE!

Go Photo Goes Live

We're LIVE!

After many months of hard work and preparation, of designing and testing courses, creating learning material and handouts, building the website and loading content, its finally time to unwrap Go Photo and show the world what we do!

The Go Photo mission is to provide high quality, value for money photographic training and experiences in a relaxed, friendly, and supportive environment. We want to help you to take your best shot, regardless of weather your a complete beginner or an advanced shooter looking to take your skills and knowledge to the next level. The Go Photo emphasis is on quality training and value. We provide lots of one-on-one time with experienced, award-winning instructors, small groups only, and a hassle-free experience by providing everything that you need for a great day of training and photography. 

Are you ready? Lets GO PHOTO!