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  • Why should I Go Photo?

    Because we are passionate about making you a better photographer! We are certain we can improve your photography, that we can lift you up to the next level. Our workshops aren't just about how to work a camera - they're also about why to use it in the first place! We'll improve your technical ability as well as your passion for making great pictures. We also make sure that you are the top priority by ensuring that our courses remain small and personal.
  • What equipment do I need?

    It depends on the location and the aim of the course, but you should have a DSLR came, an eagerness to learn, a happy disposition :-). When you book a workshop you'll receive a comprehensive guide to our recommended equipment lists.
  • Are you Canon or Nikon?

    We're both! And neither. We are camera system agnostic but very familiar with all of the major platforms as well as highly experienced with film cameras and every other kind of camera besides. The brand of equipment you use is much less important than the way you use it and the story that you want to tell with it.
  • What is included in a Course?

    Most stuff. One of our main goals is to make your workshop experiences as fun and hassle-free as possible. That's why we include transport to any field locations, snacks, water, and sunscreen, and on most of our longer trips even your air-fare is covered. We don't see any point in offering half a service, or leaving you to guess what other things and "extras" may cost you - its all up front for you to see right from the get-go. On most of our workshops the only thing you will need to pay extra for is what you choose to eat and drink. We include tuition, transport, use of our gear, dedicated critique and ongoing mentoring via this website. On longer trips we generally also include accommodation (twin-share).
  • How fit do I need to be?

    Again, it depends on the course. If you are attending a beginners workshop you just need enough energy take a short stroll around the area. If you are signing up for one of our 10 day trips to the USA you will need to be comfortable with a half-day hike. All hikes are optional of course but it is these trips that will get you and your camera into some of most iconic and beautiful landscapes on the planet with an expert standing next to you ready to make sure you bring home a keeper!
  • You guys seem to only do Landscape Photography!

    Not at all! Our instructors can provide or arrange workshops in Commercial, Fashion, Portraiture, Wedding, and even Urbex - you name it, these guys can do it. And what's more you can be sure you are being taught by an award-winning, accredited Australian Professional Photographer who is at the top of their game - Our instructors have received awards in such categories as Landscapes, Illustrative, Portraiture, and Weddings.
  • Can I bring my significant other?

    Yes, on our longer excursions and tours. We understand that our trips offer the opportunity for you to visit some of world's most spectacular destinations and that it's great to share that with someone important to you. So we encourage you to bring your partner. In fact our program in most locations also includes some non-photographic activities to ensure that your partner has a fantastic trip too.